Archive of Past Events

Somewhat Close to Comedy, Somewhat: The Comedic Brilliance of Stuart Window (and Friends?)
Sunday October 14, 9

We strong armed our own beloved Stuart Window into doing a stand up set. He's really funny. Come laugh with him, or at him, or seriously, don't miss this. He might also have cajoled other people to do some stand up. The rest of us are currently in the dark about this.

Meet Your Winemaker with Juan Sojo of Vegas Altas
Monday October 15

Juan Sojo, who makes super tasty, way under priced wine in Extramadura in the southwest of Spain will be here hanging out. Come by and try some wines, chat with Juan, and eat some of Mike and Liz's attempt at Extramdurian Chestnut Chickpea Stew. Harvest is coming to a close! Winemakers are visiting again! Let's celebrate!

Fortnight Bistro Night with winemaker Diogo Lopes of AdegaMáe
Wednesday November 7, 5:30p-late

Diogo Lopes makes wine only a few miles from the Atlantic in the north of Portugal. He makes very tasty wines there. He worked under and continues to work closely with one of our favorite vinho verde (not your mother's vinho vedre) producer Anselmo Mendes. We'll be pouring a bunch of his wines as part of our second Fortnight Bistro Night. Check out Fortnight in its second day ever as a proper restaurant for one. Table service, menus, banging Portuguese food and some twisted versions of RI standbys.

Triple Winemaker Dinner with Ruben Parera of Finca Parera, Manel Avinyo of Clos Lentiscus,and Mariano Taberner of Bodega Cueva
Thursday November 7

Three Winemakers at one dinner! Madness! Our good friends Ruben and Manel are making their Fortnight debut and we couldn't be more excited. Both Manel and Ruben make wine the Penedes in Catalonia just outside of Barcelona. They are some of our favorite winemakers in one of our favorite regions. The legendary Mariano Taberner of Bodega Cueva, a bastion of natural and traditional wine making in Utiel-Requena in Valencia is also coming, and we're beyond honored to host him and hopefully to soon count him among our friends too. 5 courses, lots of wines, limited seating. Email to reserve your spot.