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A casual, experimental wine bar with a love for all things delicious and well-made.


Also, a workers' cooperative. 

wine is for drinking

It's crazy that one fruit (and one varietal!) can produce such different tasting wines, and we think that letting those grapes do their thing makes the most intriguing wines of all. So we pour lots of world-class, naturally and biodynamically produced wines made with minimal chemical and technological interference.

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Beer is for drinking

Our beer program is also focused on small-batch producers who are thoughtful about their trade. Who are kept up at night by the problem of how to make their stuff better. Our unusual, esoteric, and adventurous selections not only reflect the ethos of fortnight but paired with our food, will provide for a spectacular (we hope!) experience.


is for eating



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Like our wine, our food ethos celebrates amazing, simple ingredients produced by great people & nature. Join us for our regular bar menu, for a 5-course prix-fixe wine dinner, or at a pop-up run by one of our friends. 

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We know that working for someone else, laboring for someone else's profit drives a sense of anomie, disempowerment, and ultimately poor and chronic mental health outcomes. 


At fortnight, everyone who works at the bar is an owner, and all owners work at the bar. Because of this, everyone is personally invested in the project, and decisions about the business are made by the folks on the ground, night in and night out. This is not only great for our own mental health, but also helps us make the best decisions for our programs and our guests.


We loooooooove talking about coops and mental health, the ups and downs of building and maintaining a fair workplace. If you want to talk more, come take a seat at the bar :)  

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