Winemaker dinner with
Daniel Ramos

Thurs Nov 10

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The Sierra Gredos are the towering mountains that rise up from the already high la Mancha plateau west of Madrid.  They are home to many of the highest peaks in mainland Spain and a refuge for the people of Madrid to escape the heat the congestion of the city in search of cool, fresh air and serious hikes with spectacular views. These mountains are also home to some very special vineyards of old vine Garnacha, Albillo Real, and Chasselas planted at elevations that routinely surpass 800 meters (2,600 feet).  The Garnacha from the Sierra Gredos is particularly mind-blowing, where the grape, the soils, age of the vines, crazy elevations, and climate create wines with serious body and power, without overly dense tannin, and with incredibly high acidity that would seem more at home in German Riesling than 15% alcohol Garnacha.


Dani and his wife Pepi are two of the great wine makers of this under appreciated alpine wine region in the heart of Spain.  They have been making wine in these mountains since 2007 and in a region with an embarrassingly over-abundance of great winemakers per-capita still stand out as some of the best.  From the fun, accessible, yet still sharply traditional Kπ wines to his single vineyard wines these are some of the best wines of the region.  A visit with Dani and Pepi is one of the great attractions of the Sierra Gredos, a strong statement when you’ve seen the views.  We’re so excited to get to share the experience of tasting with Dani with all of you, alongside 5 courses designed by Nikhil and including some truly special back vintages of Dani’s single vineyard Garnachas going back to 2013 and 2014.


$125 per person. 8 wines. 5 Courses. Dani’s charming personality and amazing accent. Additional bottles available to go.

Halloween at Fortnight
 Mon October 31
5p til Close

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